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What we offer.

Lelander works in a wide array of technical disciplines - from software development, to website development, UX design, and strategy. We work with experts across multiple platforms and coding languages to ensure that we can approach each project with a fresh perspective and create a solution that fits your specific needs. No two projects are identical, so we take care to make sure no two solutions are either.

Computer, tablet and phone

Software Development

Custom Web Apps

You won’t always be able to find the perfect software solution to your challenges, but we will always be able to build a 100% custom solution from scratch, just for you. Whether it be a custom eCommerce site or a CRM, we’ve got your back.

Mobile Apps

Mobile is the new zombie; it’s taking over and there’s nothing we can do about it. What we can do is keep you up to date, and deliver solutions to the palm of your customer’s hands. We develop for both iOS and Android, so the possibilities are endless.

Interactive Kiosks

We like screens that are touchable. Especially when they collect data for you, save gobs of time for your customers, educate, or entertain.

Online Games

Run through an obstacle course, drive inside the lines, shoot ‘em up or spit ‘em out. See what games can do for your ROI.

Case Studies

Website Development


WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Drupal, Umbraco


React, Angular, Ember, ECMAScript 6, Node, npm/Yarn, Underscore, Webpack


DB Modeling, Diagramming & Architecture, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, ORM/ODM

Front end

HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, Foundation, Bourbon/Neat, Compass, Google Maps API, Handlebars/Mustache, SASS/LESS, Jekyll/Assemble/Metalsmity

Back end

.NET, Node/Express, Laravel, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails

Case Studies
The letters U and X

UX Design

We’re all about you, and you’re all about your customers. We’ll put on their shoes, walk a mile, stop for coffee, then create something effective that they’ll love to engage with.

Field Research

Where were YOU on the night of June 16th? We interview members of your target audience to better understand who they are and what they need so we can design systems they’ll want to use.

Persona Development

We don’t make robots (yet) because we’re busy thinking about your people. Why? To get in their heads and walk a mile in their shoes so we can deliver engaging solutions that achieve their goals.

Journey Mapping

We’re not Indiana Jones. We’re more like his Dad. Once we know who will be using a solution, we like to map out the experience from end to end, identifying all the touchpoints so we can get a sense of the scope and where the key features fall into place. It defines the design strategy.


We aren’t great dancers, but we still break it down. Scenarios put a persona in a specific place doing specific things – namely the key features in the journey map. They help teams get behind the design strategy and prioritize design tasks.

Card Sorting

Do you like buffets? We like buffets. More specifically, we like to have all of your options laid out in one spot where your people can pick, choose and move things around as they please. In turn, we get a solution that matches how users think. Card sorting is a low-tech way to do just that.


We share office space with architects, so by association we consider ourselves digital project architects. We use wireframes to bring your scenarios to life, and as the basis for creating prototypes for user tests.

Usability Testing

Mic check, one, two. Wouldn’t you agree that the best way to test something is to, well, test it? We’ll work with you to find the right people to test-drive your solution and throw it at the wall. You’ll get direct input that is irreplaceable.

Case Studies
Knight chess piece


Specialty Solution Consultation

Our intelligence isn’t artificial, but technology does run through our veins. We will take the time to determine exactly what you need, and deliver you the product beyond your dreams.

Digital Experience

We’re Battleship experts, so we’re fluent in strategy. Digital is no different. We’ll sink the ships, and your product will sail away victorious.

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