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Lelander, LLC
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We are an independent software development studio founded in 2010.

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Put a park in your pocket

Citygarden App

Citygarden has the highest standards when it comes to clean, beautiful design, and elevating art.

When it comes to the highest quality experience for mobile, you have to go native. We built an engaging iOS application that uses GPS to help you drive and park near Citygarden. Upon arrival, the app follows you through the park, and gives you a self-guided audio tour of the artists and sculptures as you amble through it. We even track food truck tweets in case you're hungry at lunchtime.

Citygarden App Screenshot
This is just a mock up image.
JP Revel

Lelander created high-level sketches of the app in order to explore key functionality requirements prior to beginning the prototyping phase.

This is just a mock up image.

Stealthy beverage deliverer

Hiyah! App

When you’re at an event you’re there to see the action, not stand in line at the concession stand.

Have you ever experienced that moment when you’re at a venue—watching a concert or game—and want to get something to eat or drink but don’t want to miss a moment of the action? The Hiyah! phone app allows you to easily place an order with the venue’s concessions using your mobile phone. The app uses GPS to show you a list of venues in your vicinity—select one and pay with cash or your safely stored credit card information. Your order is delivered directly to your seat at ninja speed—even get a notification when it’s on the way!

Hiyah! App Screenshot
This is just a mock up image.
JP Revel

Lelander brought the concept for Hiyah! to life using detailed wireframes to explore key functionality and user flow. The prototype was developed from these wireframes and will be launched in select venues this Fall.

This is a wireframe image.

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