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When AdGeo needed to rethink its technology platform, Lelander was more than down with a digital transformation

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Industry: MarTech

Project Duties: Hosting/Maintenance, Custom Web development, Data Integrations, Cloud Migration, Project Management

Using automated phone calling, tracking, and analytics, AdGeo is in the business of turning callers into customers for its clients. Over the years, however, its system had become a labyrinth of single-purpose VB applications. Running on physical servers and connected to multiple T3 trunks, it was showing its age. The reporting portal was in a similar boat. Employees ended up having to customize each and every report they generated. Not fun.

A digital transformation was in order.

To get to the promised land, Lelander created a web-based application using React and .NET Core on Azure to better support the company’s evolving needs. Using agile methodologies, and delivering shippable code at the end of each sprint, AdGeo’s CTO served as product owner, setting the priority for the backlog. While the migration process was somewhat lengthy, AdGeo reported virtually no downtime for its clients.

The method to our magic

For better phone connectivity, Lelander shifted to Twilio, a cloud-based, inbound, and outbound phone call service. In addition to having greater capability, Twilio allows the company to scale up and down the solution according to demand. Meanwhile, Azure affords a new level of availability and redundancy. Woot!

With a shiny new interface, AdGeo’s reporting portal can manage clients, calls, phone numbers, locations, geo-related data, routing, and more. In the past, the company had to manually check an error log to identify glitches. Today, the new portal automates the process with prompt details of the affected database and location.

Client portal side hustle

When one of AdGeo’s clients tasked the company with creating a front end for its data warehouse, Lelander was happy to swoop in and help. Specifically, our team designed and built a solution that would serve as the backbone of other third-party systems. Managing boatloads of data, the new system seamlessly integrates with several third parties and streamlines their reporting needs.

Up in the clouds

Responsible for a majority of the coding for the .NET Core C# API’s, Lelander sherpa’d AdGeo through a complex digital transformation, moving dozens of legacy custom client-server applications—warehoused in a co-located data center—to a fully cloud-based solution.

For the AdGeo team, the process was well-organized, communication was clear and consistent, and project deliverables came in on-time and on-budget. According to AdGeo, Lelander’s ability to manage the project efficiently and effectively, despite some steep technical challenges, is a testament to the team’s dedication and expertise. After a round of high-fives, it’s on to the next mountain.