Pro tips, tech talk, and nerd culture commentary from the Lelander team.

Going Agile: Never be ‘almost done’

Almost 20 years ago, before Lelander existed, I led an eight-person team on a journey to replace a legacy web application. Little did we know, the project was full of undocumented features. More aptly put, there was no documentation at all. Time and time again, a crucial feature from the old app would come up, threatening to prolong our timeline. Even though we were doing great work, the weeks turned into months, and the project became a slow grind into the abyss. Eventually, the client pulled the plug on the project because they lost confidence in us ever being able to finish it.

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Smooth sailing aboard Kubernetes on DigitalOcean: Why our new stack is all that

After observing security risks and working in a clunky deployment process with our old stack, Lelander embarked on a journey of discovering Kubernetes on DigitalOcean. Come aboard and learn how this new stack has made infrastructure management a smooth sailing experience.

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Are estimates your downfall or your love language? A few tips to sway you in the right direction.

Without a strong estimate, you're just winging it. But with our help, you'll be putting your best foot forward every time. Estimates are our love language. Wanna know why? Check this out.

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5 Tips for Wrangling Client Expectations and Earning High-Fives

Client. Communication. Is. Everything. Check out these top 5 tips for setting clear expectations and building an impenetrable feedback loop.

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