Parents as Teachers

Working with the nonprofit Parents as Teachers, Lelander gets high marks for UX discovery and design

Parents as Teachers


Industry: Childhood Education

Project Duties: Strategy, User Experience, Design, Technical Consultation

Headquartered in St. Louis, Parents as Teachers is a national nonprofit focused on supporting parents with child development during the critical years from birth to preschool. Recently, the group reached out to Lelander to develop a parent access portal to enhance the experience between parent, child, and caregiver.

Leading with discovery, Lelander worked closely with the nonprofit to define the strategic and technical goals for a minimum viable product. This included stakeholder interviews, surveys, and some serious number crunching of existing metrics. Add to that discovery tools, such as persona development, journey mapping, user scenarios, build vs. buy assessment, and user flow documentation to make the portal efficient and effective for—you guessed it—parents.

Along the way, Lelander landed on a number of opportunities to make life easier for parents, including simplified PDF management, digital content creation, access controls, along with features like chat, parent forums, home visit scheduling, and announcements. But first, we needed to paint a clear picture.

Lelander went to lengths to ensure the client and its stakeholders had a good sense of how the portal would look and feel. Our dev and design teams shared wireframes and prototypes, style tile designs, future-state journey maps, and more.

Today, Parents as Teachers has the UX discovery results and design planning it needs to make a major impact on its programming. Along the way, Lelander earned a smiley face, three stars, and a seat at the head of the class.