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EZ Key Programming IoT Development

EZ Key Programming / Connected Devices / IoT

The EZ Key Programming product allows customers to do something that was previously not possible—remotely program vehicle keys.


Industry: Automobile, Utility, Tools

Project Duties: Research & Development, Hardware Design, Hardware Development, UX, Software Development, Firmware Development, Project Management, Product Ownership, Supply Management, Assembly

In January of 2017, we were asked to experiment and see if it was possible to remotely program vehicle keys. Over time, we determined that was possible, and led us to our first Connected Devices project.

Our objective was to remotely program vehicle keys; something that is required in most cars after having the key cut. Through our R&D efforts, we learned a lot and matured from building few hand-built devices (dongles) to designing and developing for a manufactured dongle that could be easily assembled and could remotely receive software updates.

To create a communication flow for the product, we developed custom software which included: native mobile apps for the Android & iOS platforms, a Web app, a server, and software for the dongles.

EZ Key Programming has shared the product with a few pilot users. Seeing the pilot’s success so far, EZ Key is now working on a major rollout.