Sherpa CRM Mobile Apps

Custom-designed for senior living sales and management teams, our Sherpa iOS and Android apps deliver a seamless sales prospecting experience.


Industry: Large-scale retirement & senior living communities

Project Duties: Native mobile app development & architecture, project management

For senior living sales teams, it is essential to be able to enter and track prospect information and various points of connection while on the go. Featuring a comprehensive sales dashboard— complete with a prospect contact list, search, available occupancy, as well as contact updating and creation—our mobile apps put the wind behind your sales-prospecting back.

Armed with a Sketch UI prototype, Lelander began the development of the iOS (Swift) & Android (Kotlin) apps working in tandem with Sherpa as they developed a new API. To stay ahead of the game, our teams used a mock data model contract, so that unit and integration tests could be run prior to a fully executed API.

Along the way, we followed an agile project management methodology, working in sprints from feature to feature with fully functional demos at the close of each iteration. As with all of our clients, we worked in lockstep with the Sherpa product and dev teams, keeping things well-documented and reviewed, and providing continual feedback and integration testing with each API release.

We integrated with logging and error reporting tools along with a test release distribution platform. That way, even the slightest glitch could be identified by internal and client reviewers with each iteration. To get a real-world sense, we employed multiple test devices across a range of screen sizes, manufacturers, and operating systems.

Knowing how features can quickly get out of hand, we kept a close eye on the requirements set at the beginning of the project. No scope creep here. Instead, our team stayed focused on building a robust MVP while providing plenty of cushion for testing and clearing of potential bugs.

In the end, our client walked away with two thoroughly tested MVP apps. Sherpa even pushed a round of test releases to a select group of users before submitting to the app stores. Excitement continued to grow as a steady, and insightful, stream of feedback rolled in from the field. From there, it was time for public release…and for senior living sales to skyrocket.