IndyGo Website Development

IndyGo Website

In collaboration with Dovetail, Lelander developed a robust customized WordPress website and integrated real-time data to riders of the IndyGo public transit system.

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Industry: Public Transportation

Project Duties: Custom WordPress Development, GTFS Data API, Avail API, Google Maps API, Real Time Data, HastInfo, Project Management

The main objective of the website redesign and development was to get real-time data into the hands of IndyGo’s riders. We were able to do that through a variety of tools and API integrations - including Google Maps API, Avail Real-Time Data, and HastInfo. Dovetail, our agency partner on this project, designed intuitive and beautiful designs for the new website that help to lead the rider easily to the information they are looking for.

Project Success

We developed a site that has an intuitive and easy to maintain backend so that IndyGo’s team could easily update content, imagery, blog posts, and procurement requests on the website. This was important to IndyGo because they have many team members who make regular updates to their website.

For the riders, Dovetail designed templates that naturally led riders to the real-time data they are looking for through a series of calls to action, sidebar widgets, and homepage elements. We were able to integrate in multiple types of real-time data throughout the website.

  • Avail Real-Time Data provides riders alerts about specific routes as they happen and allows them to successful circumvent any issues in their daily commute. Avail Real-Time Data also provides an app as well as web experience that allows users to track the exact locations of buses.
  • HastInfo is a tool that IndyGo has been working on that allows for future trip planning and learning about new routes before they go into effect. We integrated this into the website so that riders could learn about changes coming to the transit system.
  • GTFS Data provides accurate information on bus stop departures and arrivals.
  • Google Maps API is used where riders can plan their trip and get step by step directions for their journey utilizing the public transportation system.

Team Work

Our Lelander team consisted of a Technical Lead and two experienced WordPress developers. Our Technical Lead helped put the strategy in place for utilizing Advanced Custom Field’s content areas so that we could make the backend of the site easy for the IndyGo team to continually update within set design parameters.

Our WordPress developers were challenged with not only developing a customized WordPress website but also integrating real-time data from a variety of sources.