P/Kaufmann Contract

In collaboration with Toky Design inherited an existing Website and CMS based in .NET with the goal to improve and help manage the code base.

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Industry: Textiles

Project Duties: .NET Development, CMS Development, Project Mgmt.

In addition, we expected to expand this service to multiple divisions throughout P/Kaufmann. So instead of having one website to manage, over time we may have 10 or more websites to manage.

Project Success

Our goal for the first phase of this project was to redevelop the home page and product detail page based on Toky’s designs. During this process we updated the page’s Bootstrap from 2 to 3, enabling us to more easily create a responsively designed website and to reduce the size of the css file. We introduced new functionality like Color Profile, Product Detail Zoom, and You May Also Like to enhance the user experience. We also developed Toky’s designs that helped better support existing functionality like the Color Search and the Collection pages.

This project is ongoing and we are busy at work creating a common code library and a new website for a second division of P/Kaufmann. The common code library will allow us to maintain our code base in one place while updating multiple websites. This was created in an effort to streamline developing new and managing multiple websites for the various divisions of P/Kaufmann.

Team Work

Over the course of the last several months, Lelander team members have learned the P/Kaufmann codebase and website intricacies while working on various tasks. The teams have developed an outstanding rapport with one another and can quickly tackle new requests. With this foundation, Lelander and P/Kaufmann are set up for success.