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Teaming up with goBrandgo!, Lelander developed a multilingual website experience for the global manufacturer, Ipsen.
(And no one was left speechless.)

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Industry: Equipment Manufacturing

Project Duties: Coding, Project management, Requirements gathering, and Quality Assurance

Lelander recently teamed up with goBRANDgo!, a marketing agency that focuses on manufacturing and distribution companies. One of their clients is Ipsen, a heat treatment equipment provider that’s all about pushing the boundaries and expanding its borders.

Together, goBrandgo! and Ipsen set out to create a website that would jump off the screen while being easy for Ipsen’s marketing team to manage. A CMS website was needed in order to give them the control and freedom over how their content was presented onsite, from rearranging existing elements to adding brand new ones, without having any coding knowledge. They engaged Lelander to develop a modular WordPress site using Gutenberg blocks and ACF Pro. The final product used unique design and animation to reinforce Ipsen’s brand of cutting-edge technology.

Did we mention Ipsen’s global reach? The website also needed to speak seven different languages. To add to its backend tasks, Lelander needed to create a multilingual digital experience that would streamline administrative and operational workflows and make content creation way less complicated. Even slang terms needed to be in the mix. What up with that?

To get there, our team opted for a Translate Press plugin. Compared to WPML and other language plugins, Translate Press made translating seven separate languages a cinch. With it, users feel like they’re hearing from a close friend rather than a distant company.

The partnership between goBRANDgo!, Ipsen, and the gang at Lelander was a huge success. Today, Ipsen has a modern, user-friendly website that showcases its products and services in a range of dialects. No matter what corner of the world a customer is in, Ipsen is speaking their language.