SW Safety

Lelander getting a handle on safety glove e-commerce with H/L Agency

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Industry: Hand protection manufacturing company

Project Duties: Custom development, project management, and quality assurance, Requirements Gathering

H/L Agency is a great agency that keeps a solid handle on creative, strategy, design, planning, and analytics. What they needed most was a strategic partner capable of taking the back-end development baton and running with it. For their client, SW Safety, a leading hand protection manufacturer, the agency turned to Lelander…and never looked back.

Working closely with H/L’s front-end developer, Lelander set out to create a user-friendly website experience along with a centralized e-commerce database that would be ready to go when the client was prepared to flip the switch. The latter required exhaustively exporting and importing data, reconciling it with the new master product spreadsheet, and then integrating it into the company’s CMS.

With most of the client’s traffic coming from desktop visitors, the new site needed to be optimized for desktop while still being responsive and customizable. SW Safety also sought to simplify the site’s navigation, allowing visitors to easily filter and find the products that matched their needs.

Behind the scenes, Lelander utilized a tech stack made up of WordPress, HTML5, Bootstrap, and ACF Pro (Advanced Custom Fields Pro). Bi-weekly standup meetings were implemented to keep H/L and our team working in lockstep and meeting every milestone. Lelander also proposed having three website environments—Development, Staging, and Production—to create a smoother approval workflow. It worked like a charm. The right elements were showcased in time for a major trade show where customers were able to get an exclusive peek at the company’s latest products.

Today, the redesigned site makes it easy for visitors to search products and access relevant details. Add to that a robust database to keep the company’s inventory neatly organized and updateable. Most of all, Lelander assisted SW Safety in their journey towards full e-commerce capability, a milestone for the company. In addition to being able to manage and update their site as needed, SW Safety is now equipped to evolve with the needs of their customers. For H/L Agency, engaging Lelander was a success from start to finish.