Northwest Bank

When Northwest Bank wanted to raise its game, Lelander and S4DC teamed up to create digital banking heaven.

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Industry: Financial Services

Project Duties: Strategy, User Experience, Design, Development, Project & Program Management

To serve its business and retail customers across Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and Indiana, Northwest Bank was looking to create a banking experience like no other. They reached out to a pair of digital experience leaders to make it happen.

After some deep-dive technical and UX discovery, the strategy was clear: rebuild the bank’s existing website and reimagine its online banking platform. Northwest wanted to be top dog. We were happy to oblige.

Leading with the user, the Lelander team plotted every step of what would become a best-in-class business and retail banking experience. We even brought in actual customers for a few rounds of moderated feedback.

Lelander’s UX was combined with partner agency S4DC’s UI design to create a modern, awesomely intuitive online experience. The sleek new design now comes with an equally snag-free content architecture. Instead of dead-ends and confusion, customers have a clear path to the information they need.

Going deep into the code, Aria labels were added to assistive technologies, such as screen readers, semantic markup, landmark tags, and role attributes, making it easier for users to navigate key sections of each page.

To drive home quality, Lelander performed QA with more than 800 test scripts. The client had never seen anything like it. Upon launch, the number of broken pages plummeted from 80% to 2%. Meanwhile, the speed of the site is hovering right around Mach III.

If the digital experience wasn’t enough, Lelander and S4DC also provided essential thought leadership, advising a parallel review of the Bank’s scope of work with Fiserv, their online banking platform. With a faster, more intuitive website, a premium online banking platform, and nice helping of strategy to go with it, Northwest Bank and its customers have never been happier.