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Fish Window Cleaning

When one of the nation’s leading window cleaning companies needed a glitch-free, update-friendly app, they called in the gang at Lelander.

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Industry: Cleaning Services

Project Duties: Cloud Migration, User Experience design, Agile coaching, Code Refactoring / Technical debt management, API Development, Project Management

For more than 40 years, Fish Window Cleaning has been a category leader. But, like a lot of organizations, Fish was faced with a dilemma: modernize its existing app to be more user-friendly and efficient, or replace it entirely. They turned to Lelander to give the lowdown on how to move forward.

After identifying the app’s pain points with the product owner, and applying our learnings from our discovery process, the plan was to modernize Fish’s existing investment. Following an Agile methodology, Lelander divided the project into three epics.

First was migration to the cloud. To improve cost, scalability, performance, and security, Lelander recommended moving to Microsoft Azure. Working from a cloud-based platform, Fish can now adjust its infrastructure around the evolving needs of its app.

Next was replacing manual FTP uploads with cloud storage APIs, a move that would provide much-needed global availability, and consistency, along with automated backups to Azure. To get there, the Lelander team built out a new .NET codebase, giving Fish access to a wider variety of third-party libraries.

Last but not least, our team refactored the application’s frontend framework to utilize Bootstrap, making user interface updates more efficient and mobile-friendly.

For each sprint, Lelander’s project manager worked directly with the product owner to coordinate priorities and assign tasks, while our team focused on shipping complete, production-ready code, lickety-split.

Despite being new to Agile, Fish embraced the pace of change. Today, the company and its franchisees can perform daily tasks on its web app just as fast as it squeegees a building. Maybe faster.