Microstar Logistics

Lelander was approached by HLK Denver back in the spring to help MicroStar Logistics finish the development of their Wordpress website.

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Industry: Wine, Beer and Spirits

Project Duties: UX, User Testing, Design, Development, Project Mgmt.

Through our conversations, we discovered that while the style of the site was fresh and original, the site needed to be re-developed to function more smoothly. Our recommendation was to create new templates and modules while still maintaining the original designs. We were able to develop a fully customized WordPress website with a unique admin panel in the backend to fit MicroStar’s specific needs for editing.

Project Success

We had a strict timeline of 6 weeks to adhere to and also utilized the talent of three developers to clean up and create these new templates. The original designs were stylized to look more like a “print” piece, so our developers were challenged with adapting them to perform well on the web. We decided upon using Bootstrap as a base and Sage 8.5.1 as the theme that we fully customized. We also made key changes to the WordPress admin. By creating these reusable new templates and modules, MicroStar now has the ability to do so much more when updates/changes are needed. Overall, we were able to accomplish our goals of making this site more user friendly and easier to navigate for the admin by streamlining the back end to make future updates much less complicated.

Team Work

A few key features worth noting are the flexible card and testimonial modules. Developer Alex Tapish remarks, “Leveraging the power of Advanced Custom Field’s Flexible Content areas, we rebuilt the theme into flexible layouts with an intuitive admin interface, all wrapped in the modern Sage development environment. The client, pleased beyond their hopes, can now easily update and rearrange their site on their own.”