Stafficiency is a staffing tool that can be set up and utilized by any Facility/Hospital.


Industry: Healthcare

Project Duties: UX, Wireframing, Personas, Design, Development

Lelander worked with ANH to redesign their website prior to working on Stafficiency together. Hospitals are a common client for ANH. An ANH employee, and a former hospital Nursing Coordinator, had the idea for a staffing tool with better functionality than the only competitor being currently used in hospitals. Lelander was excited to work alongside ANH as they put their first hand knowledge of hospital staffing needs into action to create Stafficiency. We started with a research phase to learn the needs of hospitals and then completed each aspect of the project including user experience, wireframing, design, development, and edits throughout the beta phase when our client was receiving feedback from hospitals.

Project Success

An overall need in the healthcare field is for facilities to be notified of real time variances in staffing discrepancies. Stafficiency provides push notifications to appropriate users when a staffing variance is detected. Real-time reporting, a live updated dashboard, and the ability to share reports is offered in the Stafficiency mobile app, which is not something available from its competition. Stafficiency allows healthcare facilities to manage their staffing needs with technology instead of through spreadsheets, which is currently how they are being managed.