Software Development Outsourcing for Agencies

Agencies are facing a growing need for exceptional software development, outsourcing your technology needs to Lelander may be the answer, 314-329-1007

The Agency Dilemma

It’s tough out there. Agencies are facing competition from all sides. Whether it’s a startup across town, a mid-size consulting company, or a growing in-house creative team, everyone wants a piece of your client’s business. No agency is safe.

Here’s the crux of the problem: You occupy a niche. It could be creative, branding, experiential, full-service, or even direct marketing. Whatever the case, your agency was never intended to be all things to all clients. Technology only exacerbates the dilemma. While its role continues to grow, your need for exceptional development does too. And that may not be who you are. But, you can’t continue to turn away technology projects. Clients eventually get the message and move on.

How Can You Support A Growing Need For Software Development?

Staffing up for every possible client scenario isn’t an option. And, while there’s always the freelance software developer route, lone wolf freelancers come with their own baggage. Like being unreliable, buried in other projects, or simply not being able to keep up with more work than any single human can be expected to take on.

Outsourcing Development

This is where Lelander’s team of expert software developers comes in. Our founder began his career working in agencies, some small and some massive. He loved the pace. The ideas. The never-ending list of deliverables. Even the late nights (just not too many in a row). For all these reasons and more, we’re all about #agencylife. We’re rooting for you.

How We Support Our Agencies

Agencies have been a Lelander specialty from the get-go. We not only understand how they work, we go out of our way to work with them, and around their needs. One way we do that is by assigning teams to every project we take on. No, really. Two developers, minimum, on every project. The request doesn’t have to be urgent to get our full attention.

It turns out teamwork is a great way to work. If a developer happens to be out for the day or on vacation, we’re still making progress—still meeting milestones. Plus, two minds are better than one. Instead of working in a vacuum, we give our developers a chance to brainstorm ideas, sort through challenges, and review each other’s work.

Meanwhile, our project managers maintain timelines and keep regular tabs on our developers, translating every word to our clients so they don’t have to learn Klingon. The goal is simple. When it comes time to launch, our agency friends need to look like rock stars. Like we said, we’re rooting for you.

If you’d like to learn more about how outsourcing your development needs to Lelander may benefit your agency, give us a call at 314-329-1007.